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Gocompete.ie Welcome to GoCompete.ie, where you have equine Ireland right at your fingertips. GoCompete.ie is the only online directory in Ireland for Equestrian Events and Businesses. If you are an equine enthusiast and are looking to keep up to date with all the upcoming shows in your area, check out our events page, ad register […]

Equine Halo salt therapy

DMC Consultancy

About Equine Halo Salt Therapy Clinic: For the first time in Ireland, Equine Salt Therapy is now available for public use. This will allow your equine athlete to experience and benefit from the results seen in the private facilities. Salt Therapy has been used in humans for centuries and is a proven treatment for all […]

Airgreen Insulation

DMC Consultancy

About Airgreen Insulation: The demand for environmentally friendly products in the construction sector is increasing. Insulation is an essential element in the renovation and new construction of buildings. With the right insulation, heating costs can be significantly reduced, home comfort increased and the value of your home increased. Our innovative insulation products Air-Reflect and Home-Iso […]

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