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Live Bridge Pay & Play

DMC Consultancy driving the digital transformation for the future of Bridge Clubs: The Live Bridge Pay & Play Success Story.
[Dublin, September 2023]- DMC Consultancy, a distinguished leader in web design and development, takes great pride in announcing a groundbreaking project—the design and development of a new website for Live Bridge Pay & Play. Declan Doyle approached DMC Consultancy with a revolutionary idea, and DMC brought this online bridge platform to life.
Live Bridge Pay & Play serves as an online booking system tailored for bridge clubs and their members. The website boasts a user-friendly interface, marked by ease of navigation and accessibility. What sets this website apart is its unique custom code development, a testament to the capabilities of the DMC team. This exclusive code now seamlessly integrates with a custom add-on app, using the Appy Pie platform.
Accessing the Live Bridge Pay & Play booking system is a straightforward process. Users are required to log in using their respective club or personal member ID and a secure, unique password. Once inside, a number of features becomes accessible, including viewing membership information, creating tournaments (exclusive to the club system), reviewing match results, and conveniently linking banking details through your user profile to add money to your account and to receive winnings.
Among the website’s tailored features are the ability to top up funds online, with automatic updates to your account, inviting friends to join your club and participate, and linking your personal profile and memberships seamlessly to your club’s records.
When it came to selecting the payment gateway for this bespoke website, Declan was presented with several options. Ultimately, the decision was made to choose the Openo payment system. This choice grants members the flexibility to top up their payments at their convenience and exercise control over the allocation of their winnings, such as Revolut, PayPal, or upload the winnings as account credit.

The creation of this website was a custom made design and development process by the DMC Consultancy team, aimed at simplifying and digitising the booking systems for bridge clubs. The result is a reduced reliance on cash transactions and level of measuring for clubs over attendances. The invitation for all bridge clubs and both existing and new members, to experience the exceptional Live Bridge Pay & Play website is available by visiting