Irish Equine Centre

Development of a State-of-the-Art Website Overview: DMC Consultancy proudly presents our collaboration with the Irish Equine Centre, a leading institution in veterinary and equine research. Our mission was to transform their online presence by creating a cutting-edge website that not only showcased their expertise but also enhanced user experience. The project involved the development of an extensive 77-page website that serves as a comprehensive resource for industry professionals, researchers, and horse owners.


1. Scope and Scale : With 77 pages to design and develop, maintaining consistency across the site while accommodating diverse content was a significant challenge.
2. User-Centric Design : Balancing the need for detailed scientific information with an intuitive and user-friendly design required careful consideration.
3. Performance : Ensuring optimal website speed and performance across a multitude of pages and content types was a top priority.
4. Mobile Responsiveness : dapting the complex content and features of the website to various screen sizes and devices without compromising functionality was crucial.

Our Approach:

1. Strategic Planning : We collaborated closely with the Irish Equine Centre to define the structure and hierarchy of the website’s extensive content, ensuring easy navigation and logical flow.
2. Custom Design : Our design team created a visually appealing and coherent interface that maintained the Centre’s brand identity while optimising usability.
3. Robust Development : Leveraging the latest web technologies, we developed a scalable and performant website architecture to accommodate the vast amount of content.
4. Mobile Optimisation : Each page was meticulously adapted for mobile responsiveness, preserving the website’s functionality and aesthetic appeal across devices.
5. Content Management System (CMS) : We integrated a user-friendly CMS that empowers the Centre’s staff to effortlessly update and manage the extensive content on the website.
6. Search Functionality: : Implemented an advanced search feature, allowing users to quickly access specific information within the vast repository of content.


The Irish Equine Centre’s new website stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts and technical prowess. The 77-page platform now serves as a go-to resource for researchers, veterinarians, and horse enthusiasts alike. With an intuitive user interface, seamless mobile experience, and efficient content management, the Centre can now effectively disseminate knowledge, engage its audience, and foster collaborations within the industry.
At DMC Consultancy, we are honoured to have played a pivotal role in modernizing the Irish Equine Centre’s online presence. This project showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs and exceed expectations.
Visit the Irish Equine Centre’s new website to explore the comprehensive range of resources and information we’ve brought to life.
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