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Fior Insulation & Fire Protection

Welcome to Fior Insulation & Fire Protection, a company that stands at the forefront of home and commercial insulation and fire protection services in Ireland. Fìor Insulation & Fire Protection Ltd, a privately owned Irish entity, that boasts a rich expertise that spans more than two decades, rendering them a trusted partner for all matters related to insulation and fire safety.
With a commitment to excellence, Fior Insulation & Fire Protection Ltd offers an encompassing suite of services. From External and Internal insulation to Attic insulation, their teams meticulously analyse each property to provide informed recommendations on the most suitable insulation systems. The importance of effective insulation cannot be overstated – it translates to a substantial reduction in heating costs by up to 35-40%, an elevation in BER rating, a reduction in carbon footprint, and an appreciable augmentation in property value. Beyond insulation, Fior Insulation & Fire Protection Ltd’s dedicated teams extend their support to homeowners through grant applications, holding reputable registrations as authorized contractors with SEAI and NSAI.
Additionally, the company takes a comprehensive approach to fire protection, offering turnkey solutions that address fire stopping and compartmentation needs. Whether dealing with new constructions or refurbishments, the objective of passive fire protection remains clear: to manage, prevent, contain, or slow down the spread of fire and smoke. Fior Insulation & Fire Protection Ltd accomplishes this through the strategic installation of an array of passive fire products, including intumescent acrylic sealants, pipe collar intumescent wraps, Fire batts, fire doors, pipe penetrations, and cavity barriers, all competitively priced.
With a steadfast dedication to comfort, safety, and innovation, Fior Insulation & Fire Protection Ltd stands as your partner of choice in ensuring resilient structures and secure spaces.