DMC Consultancy Partners with Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine for Innovative Design and Publication

[Dublin, October 2023] – DMC Consultancy, a renowned name in the world of creative design and publishing, is thrilled to announce an exciting new collaboration with Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine. The partnership will see DMC Consultancy taking the reins of designing and publishing the magazine’s bi-monthly issues and managing daily website updates. Cyril McAree, the esteemed CEO of Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine, and Danielle McSorley of DMC Consultancy, jointly express their enthusiasm for this dynamic alliance.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both DMC Consultancy and Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine. With years of experience in the realms of design and publication, DMC Consultancy has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality and innovation. Under the capable leadership of Danielle McSorley, the company has earned a strong reputation for creative excellence.

Cyril McAree, the visionary CEO of Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine, brings his own wealth of experience in the hospitality and publishing industry. He sees this collaboration as a strategic move towards enhancing the magazine’s offerings, ensuring it continues to be a trusted source of industry insights and trends.

The collaboration’s key focus will be on elevating the visual appeal, content quality, and online presence of Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine. Together, DMC Consultancy and the magazine’s leadership will work to bring a fresh perspective to the hospitality and restaurant sectors through innovative design, engaging content, and dynamic website updates.

Both Cyril McAree and Danielle McSorley are excited about the potential this partnership holds. They believe it will enable Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine to reach new heights in terms of readership, influence, and industry impact.

For more information about this exciting collaboration or to inquire about Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine’s upcoming publications, please contact:

Cyril McAree CEO, Hotel and Restaurant Times Magazine Email: []

Danielle McSorley Founder and Creative Director, DMC Consultancy Email: []

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