DMC Consultancy and Irish Equine Centre Collaborate

[Dublin, August 2023] — DMC Consultancy, a leading name in innovative web solutions, is proud to announce its successful partnership with the Irish Equine Centre, a renowned institution in veterinary and equine research. The result of this collaboration is a state-of-the-art website designed to transform the online presence of the Centre and revolutionise user experience for professionals, researchers, and horse enthusiasts alike.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Danielle McSorley from DMC Consultancy and CEO Debbie Grey of the Irish Equine Centre, the mission was to create an extensive 78-page website that not only showcases the Centre’s expertise but also revolutionises its engagement with its audience. The project was not without its challenges, including addressing the vast scope and scale of the website’s content, maintaining a user-centric design that balances scientific depth with user-friendliness, ensuring optimal performance across numerous pages, and achieving seamless mobile responsiveness.

DMC Consultancy’s approach was meticulous and strategic. A close collaboration with the Irish Equine Centre allowed for the strategic planning of content structure and hierarchy, guaranteeing a seamless navigation experience. The website’s custom design achieved a harmonious interface that aligned with the Centre’s brand identity, while robust development harnessed cutting-edge web technologies to manage the extensive content.

Mobile optimisation further ensured that the site’s functionality and visual appeal were retained across various devices. Integration of an advanced Content Management System (CMS) empowered the Centre’s team to manage content efficiently, while a sophisticated search functionality enabled users to access specific information within the vast repository.
The results are resounding. The new website, boasting 78 pages of information and resources, now serves as a hub of knowledge for researchers, veterinarians, and horse enthusiasts. Its intuitive user interface, seamless mobile experience, and efficient content management empower the Irish Equine Centre to disseminate knowledge effectively, engage its audience, and foster industry collaborations.

“We are privileged to have played a pivotal role in elevating the Irish Equine Centre’s digital presence,” stated CEO Danielle McSorley of DMC Consultancy. “This project epitomizes our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.”

The launch of the Irish Equine Centre’s new website is a testament to DMC Consultancy’s technical prowess and dedication to client satisfaction. To explore the extensive resources and information now available, visit the website today –

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