How Social Media affected the Election Results!

“Sinn Féin has won the election. We have won the popular vote,” McDonald said, 

Many people are stunned at today’s results in the latest general election. As a social media expert, I predicted Sinn Féin’s success last week as I saw how they were using social media as their main advertising stream. 

This brought me back to the stories on how Donald Trump also used this method to secure his presidential triumph in the United States in 2016. 

The Netflix Documentary “The Great Hack” shows an insight into how this was carried out. 

Sinn Féin were clever with their campaign, they knew exactly who they could/ wanted to persuade and used this information demographically on social media steams such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure their voice was heard. And it was!  

Tweet volumes were 43 per cent higher during the three weeks of campaigning in the 2020 election compared with the 2016 general election, according to the statistics from Twitter.

Sinn Féin created campaigns such as online debates, polls and video blogs from their leader Mary Lou McDonald with information they knew people wanted to hear, they used theses strategies by promoting this information to the persuaders using demographic tools. 

As a digital marketer, I have been engaged in this election and how times have changed. Social Media is now the world’s number one advertising platform and this latest election result shows how much of an impact it has on society today. 

According to some latest business trend statics, 66% of local Irish businesses depend on social media to drive revenue to their business. So it’s not just elections that are using this tool to succeed. Digital Marketing is the future! 

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Danielle McSorley

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